Series 18, Episode 23

Solomons Papatura Island Retreat:

We travel by air and sea to tiny Papatura Island, off the big island of Santa Isabel in the Solomons. Here we receive a true south Pacific welcome, staying in the bamboo and sago leaf huts of Papatura Island Retreat. Leaving the simple luxuries of this idyllic beachfront resort behind, we head out on beautifully calm waters on the hunt for some fast pelagic action. And we get it by the boatload, in the form of Dogtooth Tuna, Rainbow Runners and high jumping Mahi Mahi. Back home in Oz, we go out for Sydney Harbour Kingfish – and the Squid to catch them with – and our chef Paul bags himself a whopping 35cm Bream. Which he promptly serves up beautifully blackened, Cajun style!

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