Series 18, Episode 21

Vanuatu Trees and Fishes:

We’re back in Vanuatu, staying at Trees and Fishes Private Retreat, fishing with the experienced crew at Ocean Blue charters, and does their experience show! Fishing the FADs for fast moving fun, we hook up to Mahi Mahi all over the boat, as everyone on board gets in on the act. And enjoying languidly luxurious nights at the beachfront resort in between, we leave Vanuatu on a bold blue note with a hard fighting Blue Marlin.
This week’s action is just as big back home in Oz, where fishing out from Keppel Bay Marina on Queensland’s Capricorn Coast produces the mother of all Nannygai. And we finish off catching Bream, which our chef Paul cooks up in a quirky new dish: barbecued with soda water!

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